Monday, March 23, 2009

10 Things Your Children's Minister Does Not Want To Hear

Another CM sent this to me. I laughed at every one of them. If I had to pick… the only one I have never heard someone say to me is number five. Sis. Kassie has always been great about sharing.

I must say before you read them… Life Tabernacle is the BEST church. We have the BEST kids and the BEST parents! Enjoy!

The Top Ten Things Your Children’s Minister does not want to hear.

10.) But we’ve been doing it this way for over 30 years.

9.) Whose Larry the Cucumber?

8.) After church lets out, I need to talk to someone; just keep my kids in children’s church for a while until I get back. (This one should have made the top five for sure!... a favorite of my church family! lol)

7.) I’ll bet you enjoy this as much as the kids do.

6.) I don’t think anyone will mind if worship service is a few minutes late.

5.) Choir members shouldn’t have to work in children’s church.

4.) What do you do with ‘all that’ money anyway?

3.) When I was growing up in church we didn’t need all that ‘stuff’.

2.) You’re disturbing the MAIN service.

1.) Do you think you’ll have a real ministry someday?


Kassie Dutton said...

Wow! All of this is sad but true....

Joseph James said...

I thought it was funny. Didn't you see how I gave you a nice comp?