Thursday, December 11, 2008

Back In The Game

It has come... the day when BeSafe has been removed from my computer. Yeah- I CAN BLOG from home (I have told my friends that the next time I decide to be an overzealous guardian they are to shoot me.)!

So many things have happened since October... can you believe it has been that long since the Dialogue has been regular? I sure can't.

First- and foremost of course- we are very happy to be the proud recipient of a 2008 Farley. We are not necessarily proud of the particular award we garnished; however, we consider it a minor accomplishment nonetheless. Thank you, Farley- and your um, crew.

The Dialogue: 2008 Farley Winner

Second- Many of you have asked about Miss. Coleman and how she is doing in Galveston. Miss. Coleman continues on her sabbatical, now with the goal of rebuilding her home. The Dialogue, as well as some family funds (?), have allowed Miss. Coleman to rent a home in the newly built Palisade Palms on the Island. Hopefully she will be rejoining us soon.

Palisade Palms: Galveston Island

Third- and this is perhaps the most important- PICTURES! I have so many pictures of events that have happened since we have been off line that something has to be done. So, in light of recent events; the BeSafe disaster, readership numbers down, and the continued falling of gas prices, the executive board here at the Dialogue has approved a spectacular finish to this year.

That's right- one last SWEEPS WEEK for 2008 is coming soon!

So much to catch up on. Hope everyone is doing well... and it certainly is wonderful to be 'back in the game.'


Anonymous said...

What's Sweeps week?

Karla said...

YEAH!!! You're finally back!!!

Linda Elms said...

Glad to have you back! I've missed your posts.

Keith and Carla said...

So glad you're back! I, too, have missed your posts.

Joseph James said...

Thank you all so much... and to Kris... look back in my archive to see what I am talking about.

Lynn said...

Farley has a few tips on how to stay 'regular' if you want him to share!