Friday, August 29, 2008

O- who?

Wow- that’s just about all I can say… well… almost!

Today John McCain announced his running mate in his bid for President of the United States, Governor Sarah Palin. I, like most of the country, can only imagine what it must have been like in the B. Hussein household this morning. Crumpets and tea no doubt!

So many people have asked me what I am thinking about the whole situation and I really wish I had something great to say; however, that is not the case. In fact, the one thing that is on my mind today is how sad it must be for those Americans who identify themselves with the political party that is always left looking stupid… or just left ‘looking’ for that matter!

If I were not a freedom loving American and were a member of the Democratic Party, I imagine that I would have been looking forward to the focus my party should have received from its National Convention. After all, National Conventions are times when your party shines. It would have been nice to stand in the spotlight, showcasing our groundbreaking decision to nominate a socialist as President of the United States.

Imagine the headlines! Imagine the talk! Imagine the polling points! We would be the first party ever to nominate a socialist man- and hush, don’t tell anyone, but we painted him black to hide it!

I am having the time of my life thinking of all those surprised democrats who found out that all of today’s headlines have nothing to do with their party’s hope, B. Hussein.

It must get old. In spite of a media love affair, they always seem to have someone else undermining what they thought was the ‘perfect storm.’

The Democratic Party tries so desperately to be the image of hippie love vans, economically disadvantaged blacks, poor white trash, devoted church goers, tree huggers who stuff dead babies into trash cans, and working class Americans all mixed into one ‘separate-but-equal’ community. In the end, they just seem hopelessly inept at everything they touch. It is so sad… yet so fun to watch!

What am I thinking? I’m thinking, “My how those ‘blue-ties’ seem awfully ‘red-in-the-face!”


Lynn said...

OKAY you copy-cat!! I had the title FIRST!!!! LOL!!!!

Linda Elms said...

I noticed that, also! I guess ya'll have been around each other TOO MUCH! LOL! As always Joseph, you have a very strong opinion. I knew you would.

jay5in said...

You missed it sir...

Joseph James said...

I missed nothing... J.C. is black, Justice Clarence Thomas is black, Condi is black, and all I am sure thankfully owe something to Mr. King, as you put in your warm-fuzzy post.

That being said, Obama is a socialist outlier among the American politic... and has questionable citizenship to say the least. If he is as black as the others I have named then send me my NAACP card.