Friday, August 08, 2008


Although I have never really been a rabid fan of any sport in particular, there is just something about the Olympics that really gets me excited. I think it has something to do with the ole 'my team' attitude that existed in High School. The one that I know would be very dangerous if ever really let out of the bag with a professional sport! lol

There is nothing like the Olympics. You can't help but get interested in them if only for the fact that your country is sending athletes to compete against all other countries in the world! The Olympics are more than just a sporting event, them seem to be a way of saying to the rest of the world, "Hey, our way of life works best." Maybe I read a little too much into it!

Every year the United States sends young men and women who trained for the Olympics because the wanted to. Not because some government agency forced them to do so. Those who go, go because they decided to dedicate themselves to the games. It is that spirit of individual will- that spirit of freedom to do so- that makes our athletes such a contention. It was that same spirit that caused Hitler to walk out of the games when his blond-haired blue-eyed star was defeated by a dark-skinned dark-eyed free American.

No other nation has won as much gold as America. Only one time in our nation's history has any other country beaten us in the final metal tally. Our way of life is best and I get so excited for those men and women who are able to compete in our name.
Whether you agree with the idea of sacrificing yourself for such things or not- many of our athletes have truly amazing stories. Take some time to read some and inspire yourself to do more for the cause you believe most in.



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janet anglin said...

Don't get me wrong. I'm trying very hard to say this with the right spirit and attitude, but I hope the USA wins 1st place in every event this year!!! I also think our jobs should be kept in America and not in China. Sorry, but I just had to vent a little bit.