Thursday, August 14, 2008

Eating Out

One of my favorite things to do is meet up with family and friends at nice restaurants. Eating out isn’t something that should be done all the time, but it sure is relaxing when done right.

Last Friday night I took my Aunt to Ft. Worth to spend the weekend with Jason and Julie. She had been staying with Brandon and me for a week and would be flying home to New York from the DFW Airport. We decided to go to Joe T. Garcia’s Mexican Dishes for dinner. If you have never been to Joe T.’s, you need to go.

The restaurant was started in the mid 1930’s and has never advertised. The original owner: Joseph T. Garcia, believed that if something was good enough word of mouth would do the trick. History has proven him right. The restaurant he created takes up one whole city block. His family has also opened a Mexican bakery and also has made it possible for you to find some of Joe T.’s items in the grocery store.

The restaurant is fantastic and seats well over 1,000 people. This time we ate on the Zocalo, one of the many outside dinning areas. Jason and I both had the enchiladas, while Julie and my Aunt had the chicken and beef fajitas. As always, I was not disappointed with the food or the service. It was great.

On Tuesday of this week Jason, Julie, Brandon, Julie’s Mom, and I all went to III Forks in North Dallas. The restaurant is the ‘perfect dining experience like no other… providing an equal and mouth-watering balance between fish and beef.’ And their claim is true.

We had three courses. Everyone but me started with the III Forks Salad- a National award winning salad with pecan-maple vinaigrette, sliced apples, and bleu cheese. I had the zesty Shrimp & Artichoke Bisque- it was the perfect, light beginning to my meal.

For the Main Course, Julie and I had the Almond-Crusted Brook Trout lightly drizzled in a Champagne Cream Sauce. We had potato, sugar peas, off-the-cob cream corn, rip tomatoes and spring onions to round out our course. The course provided a perfectly balanced palate. Everyone else at the table had the Roasted Beef Tenderloin with a Lyonnaise Sauce. I am sure the tenderloin was good but my fish was quit possibly the best fish I have ever had.

To round out the meal I had a slice of the chef’s handmade chocolate cake with whipped fudge and drizzled in chocolate sauce. As wonderful as it was I could only have three bits. Thank God for Brandon, he ate his dessert, mine, and finished Jason’s New York style cheesecake with fresh raspberry topping as well!

It was so nice to be together, talking and having a wonderful time. I know some people have a hard time spending money when it comes to something like a nice evening out but every once and a while it is well worth it. And if you are interested in doing so anytime soon, I recommend either one of these places… they are both well worth the time and money.


janet anglin said...

The food sounds delicious! I'm glad ya'll were able to get away and spend some quality time with family.

Karen Prince said...

You are making me hungry and it's only 10:30am! Sounds delish! But, I want to know how you remembered all of the food--you made it sound so good!

Linda Elms said...

WOW! I would like to go to BOTH places sometime! I'm glad ya'll got to enjoy the evenings.