Friday, June 06, 2008

Life Tabernacle Kids

I am very blessed; not only do I get to work with children at school, but I also get to work with them at church. I believe, with all of my heart, that the church should do everything within its power to help support and strengthen what goes on in the home. Hillary Clinton is credited with saying that it takes a village to raise a child. I disagree. It takes a church.

My passion is to do everything possible to strengthen and support the Godly teachings that are taking place in the homes and lives of the children at Life Tabernacle. I want every child to grow up with a reservoir of memories that are filled with laughter and joy around the church house.

I work with children so I will not be there when they face their toughest battles. I will not see them when they finally decide for themselves to live for God. Just maybe, there is something that I can say, something that I can do, or a memory I can provide at a time when it was needed most that will help them when they face those battles or make that decision. As long as I am here, I never want it to be said that there was never enough love, laughter, or teaching to get into young hearts and give them a passion for living for God.

Today’s slide has pics of LifeSavers, our services and our fieldtrips. We also have pics of our Children’s Revival, Vacation Bible School, C.I.A., and even some Sunday School shots.




Roxana said...

Such sweet chilluns. Gotsta luv 'em!

JulieK said...

so cute thanks for sharing! Glad you can post such a nice post about the kids.....because after the drive to Lufkin at 4am and a week at youth camp....well you might change your mind LOL we will see how it goes!!! can't wait to hear about youth camps this year!

Mandy said...

I too enjoyed the slideshow as well as the frequency of your posts does this have anything to do with the fact that school's out!!!!!!!!!! I really appreciate your dedication to the children of Life Tabernacle, they will never forget and you will see the results of every seed that you His time!

Karla said...

Joseph - you do an incredible job with the kids! I'm thankful you have a burden for this ministry!

Linda Elms said...

Joseph, thank you for sharing the pictures and for your burden for children. You are making a difference in their lives!

Joseph James said...

Thanks for all of your words.

Mandy: SO nice to hear from you again! YOU didn't read about 'sweeps week', did you?