Saturday, February 09, 2008

My Birthday

It happened. My birthday came (much to my dismay) and went. The best part, like always, was all the gifts.

First, one of my adopted mothers, Sis. Ojeda, cooked a homemade Mexican meal for me, David, and Brandon. It was wonderful. She made homemade enchiladas, beans, tortillas, rice, beans, tortillas, pueblo chili, beans, tortillas, and salsa. It was yummy. I ate so much food I felt as if I was border line in committing a sin.

Eloiza, another part of the adopted family, made me her homemade Candy Bar Cake. No one makes Candy Bar Cake like her. It was good- and still just as good the next day! They spoiled me.

Next, my Aunt Ann, who is probably one of the greatest Aunts in the world, bought my cousin and I tickets to see ‘Casting Crowns’ in concert at the Kay Yeager coliseum. It was INCREDIBLE!

We had fantastic seats. My Aunt paid for everything, and because she is a manager at the coliseum, we had all kinds of free drinks and snacks all night long. In truth, in was just as cool being at the concert as it was being brought free snacks and drinks to our seats every 30 minutes or so. We had so much fun. Thank you Aunt Ann- I love you!

The group was incredible. The whole group was here; with all the instruments and singers, I think they sounded better live than on the album. I was able to try out the record feature on my new camera. The place was packed... you really cannot see all of the people until the lights come up.

I missed my seeing my brother and having my parents very much. I can’t stand that my Father and Mother will never be here for another birthday or special occasion. They left me with so much though. They left me with family who loves and cares for me. Who support me and give me a reason to stay strong.

They left me with my church. Something to pour myself into and in return become filled. Of all of the gifts I ever received, it is perhaps those two that will give continually throughout my life. These days I so often think of all the 'things' I used to want. Life certainly has a way of teaching and changing you.

It was a good birthday. Hope you enjoy the pics!


Karla said...

So glad you had a great birthday! I'd have to agree - Casting Crowns is awesome in person. I got to see them a couple years ago in Dallas.

Hope this year brings many joyful things in your life!! You are an awesome person!!

Linda Elms said...

Joseph,I am so glad you had a wonderful birthday. You will forever miss your parents, but what you said about the "gifts they left you" is so true! There are some things that cannot be bought with money and you named the two most important and fulilling ones. We love you a lot! You are an incredible man! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, again!!!

Roxana said...

Happy Birthday!! Glad you had a good time with some wonderful people! (Tell the Ojeda's hi for me!)

It's been eons since I went to a concert. Your phone took a pretty good video. I love that they had a violin! Some old country song says 'you gotta have a fiddle in the band'!

Gene Holley said...

Happy Birthday. I'm glad you had a good one - since you are getting so old! I think of you and your family often...and I am thankful that I have had you in my life. May you be blessed in a great way this year.

Joseph James said...

Holley's & Sis. Elms: Thank you all for your kind words and birthday wishes. I love you all very much!... and they were awesome in person for sure!

Roxana: Thanks... I would have to agree... the violin added a lot to their songs. You could really hear it at the concert... it even sounded better than the C.D. version. It was great.

Keith and Carla said...

Joseph, just had to chime in and wish you a belated happy birthday!!! May you have the greatest year ever!