Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Great Honor of My Life

I am just going to ramble from my heart today…

Several weeks ago our children’s group, LifeSavers, were going on a Christmas outing. We had arrived early at the church and made cookies before heading out to sing Christmas Carols to the elderly in our church. I had invited Sis. Carmen Cain to be a part of the evening because she directs the Children’s Choir at our church.

At one point in the evening we were talking about working in the kingdom of God and how so many people simply do not understand the joy and strength that spending your self for the work of the Lord can bring.

It was Sis. Carmen who said she considered herself privileged. She talked for just a moment about so many people who do not view working for the Lord a privilege, but rather more like a job or just something to do. Although I have heard those words so many times before, for some reason they have stayed with me since that day and I have thought about them over and over again.

I am privileged for being taught at a young age to ‘work’ at the church. I can not tell you how many times I would walk into the sanctuary and fall asleep on a pew because my parents were working at the church until late. From cleaning the church, to ushering, to teaching Sunday school, to being involved in church fun days and Sunday school outreach- with Bro. Gene Holley Jr. dressed up like a clown, I have flashes of memories of all of those events. I was privileged to learn by example to find something to do at the church, anything, and DO IT.

I am privileged. When I was a senior in high school I started working in Sunday school at our church. Many people thought that I was not old enough to do so, I couldn’t disagree more. When I started college I was not an education major. It was my time in Sunday school that seemed to develop my desire to go into teaching. My life’s work was developed by being used in the church.

I am privileged to work with the children of Life Tabernacle. It is my honor. There are so many people who are more talented than I; so many people who have made fewer mistakes than I; and so many people who don’t have nearly as many faults. For some reason, in spite of all of these things, God, in His infinite mercy, has allowed me the opportunity to be used in His kingdom. What a supreme privilege this is.

Last night, at our children’s revival, the children took the offering and sang in the Praise Group. It was wonderful. As I watched them I wondered what ‘life’s work’ was being developed by helping in the service that night. What will they develop into? Will it be a praise singer, music minister, worship leader, head usher, prayer warrior, a powerful witness, the possibilities are endless!

Those who were used were told how important it was to be in the prayer room before service and their parents did an outstanding job of making sure it happened. Really, I kind of have an easy gig. All of the great parents of Life Tabernacle do the hard work. And no one has better families than Life Tabernacle. Our kids are the best!

Every outing we have ever been on we have been asked where we are from. Our children ALWAYS get compliments from being so well behaved and happy. In fact, on our last outing, Bro. Lynn Dutton was with us. It was his first time to help out on a LifeSavers trip. He was the one who was asked where we were from, and he said himself he was so impressed with our kids (I think he had prepared himself for chaos!).

My church has always been, and even more so now, my lifeline. So many people have given to me, supported me, and strengthened me is so many ways as I was growing up, and even now. In some small way, I GET to give back. I GET to do something for God! I have the privilege of helping to create memories for children of my church that give them an opportunity to be ‘working’ in the Kingdom.

I have no idea why it stuck with me so much this time when Sis. Carmen mentioned what we do being a privilege? Maybe it is because the last few months have personally been somewhat of a war of the mind.

I have felt like so many ‘other’ things are keeping me not as focused on the most important job in my life. I never want that to happen. I never want to give less than my best. God could decide to use someone else- and with good reason- but I want Him to use me!

The last few years of my mother’s life I started to hear her use a saying that she had not used before. She began to say, whatever the activity, that it was her ‘reasonable service.’ Maybe you heard her say it yourself?

For everything that God had done, for all the blessings, for all the mercy, for every need that had been met- whatever she could do was, at the very best, the very least she could do. What a powerful statement that is. It is one of the ‘gifts’ she left me with and I will treasure it always.

Blessed- yes, I am. But perhaps that word doesn’t really say it all. You see, even if I give my very best, in all actuality it is simply the least that I could possibly ever do for the Kingdom of God. With that said, I really feel that ‘privileged’ is a whole lot better.

It is my privilege to work in the Kingdom of God. It is the Great Honor of my life.


Linda Elms said...

OH SO TRUE! AMEN! It is my privilege to work in the Kingdom of God,and to work with the people of Life Tabernacle! Thank you for a beautiful post, written from the heart!

Billy and Michelle said...

Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

Roxana said...

I admit to using the topic of "privleged to serve" at our SS meeting this afternoon. Thanks for the inspiration!