Wednesday, January 09, 2008

IOU in 2008

It's official. Life Tabernacle has a new theme for 2008.

Inward. Outward. Upward.

Usually we hear the year's theme Sometime close to the New Year, and although we are only 9 days into the New Year (Happy Birthday to my Black Brother!), it seems like we have waited at little longer this year. Maybe it is just because we anticipate it so much? I know I do.

As a ministry leader I always want to tailor our own 'ministry' theme to that of the church as a whole. We took last year's theme, "Through Christ I Can", and for Lifesavers made it "Through Christ I Can Be... Saved/A Witness/A Soul winner/An Overcommer", a different topic for each month. I can't wait to let this new theme roll around in my head a little longer!

As I was sitting in service this evening I kept thinking how our new theme felt similar to walking outside and taking a deep breathe of something cool and refreshing. It felt electric. Maybe I just personally need to feel that way? Who knows? What I do know, is this year's theme feels forward moving.

Inward. Outward. Upward.

It sounds sure. It sounds forceful and precise. It just seems to fit really well. This is going to be a great year, and I am so excited about everything that is going to take place.


Linda Elms said...

Oh so true, Joseph! I am looking forward to this year. I know it will be good! I like the theme, also. It sounds like adventures in the spirit! "We're marching and moving, onward and upward! The Kingdom of God....(?) I can't remember the words, but it sounds like a good "theme" song.

Karla said...

"... is on a forceful advance. And we are taking dominion over the darkness. Tearing down the walls of the enemy's camp." (the words to the chorus Sis. Elms started)

Sounds like a great theme!

Joseph James said...

lol Ya'll forgot the best part...
"We've got the victory..."

Roxana said...

I look forward to all the praise reports, Joseph.