Saturday, December 29, 2007

Once a Coyote, Always a Coyote

I had fully intended to put pictures on my blog from Christmas… and perhaps I still will do so; however, while I was doing some research online I found an article that made my day… I just had to share!

It appears that in August of this year the Wichita Falls High School Coyotes were named the “All Time Greatest” football team in the history of the state of Texas by Texas Monthly Magazine. (I smiled too!)

Apparently the statistics were based on all records taken since High School football began. Who wouldn’t wonder that Old High, my alma mater, would have been somewhere near the very top of the list if for no other reason that the school is well over 100 years old. The great ‘red-and-black from coyote land’ is a North Texas legend.

(And for those of you who are wondering- yes this list of great schools was based on FOOTBALL! After all, this is Texas, home to the Bible belt, southern rock, big hairdos, and pig skins- all of our school success is measured in football. You yourself know that every time you hear your alma mater has won a game a small sense of pride beats somewhere inside.)

Old High has won six state titles and four of them were in a row. The Coyotes have been runners up four times for the state championship and have had a total of 45 district championships. FOURTY FIVE! This list of accomplishments put Old High almost 100 points ahead of the second runner-up, Plano High School.

There will be many people who will look at the last few years and say that “The High School” has lost its glory. Maybe it doesn’t shine as bright as it used to, but when you look across the pages of history- only one school towers above the rest; she is clothed in red and black.

For those of you who want to know, here is the list of the top 20 schools as ranked by Texas Monthly.

Ranked Number 3 is LaMarque; 4 Amarillo; 5 Abilene; 6 Odessa Permian; 7 Brownwood; 8 Celina; 9 Converse Judson; 10 Cuero; 11 Southlake Carroll; 12 Stamford; 13 Garland; 14 Katy; 15 Sealy; 16 Sonora; 17 Waco; 18 Austin Reagan; 19 Stephenville; 20 Midland Lee.

One of the small little joys that I have is that ‘other’ schools were not mentioned at all. I would mention who those ‘other’ schools are, but to do so would be mentioning them myself, and I kind of like the fact that they are not mentioned at all!

All of this reminds me of our senior class yell, “Fame and Fortune will be our legend, Senior class of ’97!

Hail to Our Colors
Hail to Our School
We’ll Back You Forever
That is Our Rule, Together
Onward to Victory
Onward to Fame
In Winning or Losing
We’ll Honor Your Name!

Say it Loud
Say it Clear
And We’re Proud!


Anonymous said...

Once a Coyote , always a Coyote ! WFHS Rocks !!!!

Billy and Michelle said...

Wow, good stats. Billy is from Lytle and his claim to fame is that he played football against Shaq and Billy tackled him. Of course, Shaq got him back good!

Tammy Bryant said...

Way to go Bro. Joseph!!

Long live the

Coyotes -- way to go Old High and "the" high school.

Happy New Year to ALL, especially those fellow coyotes.