Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dialogue Coleman Poll Results

The Dialogue is proud to bring you the first ever Dialogue Poll Analysis by our newest, and only other employee, Miss. Aprelle Coleman. Enjoy.


Official Analysis
Dialogue Poll #0024
How do you feel about hiring someone whose soul
purpose is to write and analyze polls?
It is a bad idea............... 38%
It is a good idea.............. 30%
I don't know what I think 24%
about it.
I have no opinion........... 8%
Break Down of Data Concerning Gender
43% of voters were males
57% of voters were females
Break Down of Data Concerning Ethnicity
64% of voters were the Plain Americans
26% of voters were Hispanic Americans
8% of voters were African Americans
2% of voters were Other Americans
.5% of voters were Illegal Americans
Break Down of Data Concerning
Various Points of Interest
100% of voters were online
33% of voters voted from a work station
14% of voters voted in their under garments
Poll Closed at 9:00 pm Central Standard Time October 18, 2007
Author: Aprelle Coleman
Aprelle's Comments
I am so pleased to be working here at
The Dialogue. I feel that the first poll
was a success. This was not only a very strong poll,
but also one of our biggest. We had
more people vote in this poll than any so far.
I worked with a lot of hard data
to give you the best results possible.
Thanks to all of you who voted in
our poll. See you next time!


Gene Holley, Jr. said...

I sense some made up information mixed into this. I am not a believer in this Coleman woman.

Roxana said...

How did she know I am .5% illegal and voted from my work station in my underware?? I need a better filter maybe.

Joseph James said...

LOL I know, she is AMAZING! She apparently has her ways!