Saturday, September 29, 2007

Maybe this one...

Recently some friends of mine wanted me to join a social networking site. I hate social networking sites- in part because people are rarely who they portray themselves to be. The internet is- in my opinion- just a big dangerous playground. You can't believe anyone or anything.

All that being said...I did find a site that I liked. What do you think?


Billy and Michelle said...

Well, at least you know you would be getting a woman who dressed modestly, LOL!

Roxana said...

Go for the third one on the right!

~Moi~ said... hilarious!! I'm with ya, if it isn't real life, it just isn't for me.:D

I have to show this to my family and the guys in our church, they will love it.

Thanks for the laugh.

Joseph James said...

Actually, I was thinking about the third one down on the right... that particular blue really does somethin' for me! LOL

Roxana said...

Good choice. You must choose 'right', you simply can't have anyone from the 'wrong' side. The first one...well, she always insists on being first and is quite pushy. The last one really doesn't mind being last in line because then she knows she can get in the last word. Watch out for those kinds! Look for the one who has her life 'centered' around God and will help you in your walk with God!

I kinda liked the blue too...the rest came to me later! LOL