Sunday, September 16, 2007

Can't Hide True Color

In 1987 I did a report on this man for Black History Month. His name was on a long list of 'famous' individuals who were considered 'Black' (In the 80's 'black' was used instead of 'African-American'). Because of that report I will forever remember the lengthy trail and where I was and how I felt when the shocking verdict was read.

O.J. Simpson has taught me and my generation more about being 'black in America' than anything Dr. King, or others like him, could.

No surprise... but the law of the harvest is that whatever is sown shall also be reaped. He's in jail again. He is a disgrace. He is, in my mind, a physical representation of every negative stereotype of 'African-American.'

He is the reason none of my students will ever do a report on anyone other than dead people.


~Moi~ said...


I was just passing through and saw this post. My family and I were just talking about this last night. Once a criminal.....

I had to chuckle about the kids only being allowed to do reports on dead people.

Lynn said...

OJ's Black???

Joseph James said...

Welcome to my blog, moi. Nice to dialogue with you.