Tuesday, July 10, 2007


In spite of the fact that the democrats were able to gain a small foothold in the last election they have thus far been very unsuccessful- America is still a free democracy.

Just a few days ago the Immigration Bill died in the Senate. Thank God. I whole-heartedly support some type of Immigration Reform but nothing like the lousy work that was meandering through the legislative process. So much attention was paid that nice piece of work that another more important attack on America’s freedoms has successfully passed the Democratic House and now sits in the hands of your elected Senators. The Bill is entitled, ever so nicely, the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2007, i.e. the Hate Crimes Bill.

For those of you who do not know anything about the type of ‘Hate Crimes’ listed in HR-1592, or it’s senate version S-1105, just ask Alan Rowlinson, of the United Kingdom, whose son now has a criminal record for calling a school mate ‘gay’ in an e-mail. The 11 year old had police officers knocking on the door of his home to all but haul him away for such horrible indecency.

The United Kingdom is not the only country with such ‘Hate Crime’ bills. In Sweden it has now become illegal for teaching out of the book of Leviticus due to the fact that it might be misconstrued as a perceived act of aggression on a non Christian- punishable for no less than 30 days in jail.

Of course many other countries have also enacted their own sensors on free speech. Australia and Canada are two of the most recent. Several Canadian ministers and pastors have been fined and jailed for speaking ‘hate’ against sodomy and other forms of protected life choices, i.e. abortion and Islam.

The current piece of legislation that is halfway through congress is full of punishments for those who harm or exhibit a “perceived” harm to any individual based on religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. At first glance this bill might look almost wholesome; however, that is not the case.

Every state in the United States has laws and acts to protect against discrimination against gender, age, religion, and ethnicity. The only thing missing form the local and state statutes is the protection of individuals who are homosexual- or as I prefer to say sodomites. Furthermore, the United States needs no national law to criminalize an act of violence against an individual. ALL acts of violence are criminalized already- the one exception being the act of abortion.

The ‘Hate Crimes’ bill, as it has been so cleverly named by democrats, would allow individuals who exhibit a perceived threat, by action or word, to homosexuals to be punished at the Federal level for NO less than 10 years in prison. It doesn’t take an Oklahoman to realize that this bill is an attempt to protect and legitimize the act of sodomy in the United States. Once protected, sodomy becomes validated and naturally progresses onward to something that is guaranteed ‘God given’ rights- i.e. marriage and tax breaks.

It would be nice to think that such a thing could never happen but it is halfway through the process. Right now this particular bill sits in committee in the U.S. Senate having passed the House on May 3, 2007. If you have not contacted your senator, or at least made sure that he is voting against this bill you need to do so. Why? Because it matters.

The Immigration Bill died because thousands of phone calls and letters filled the Senate building in opposition. No one would back it- even if the President was for the bill. You can make a difference. Let the individuals YOU elected know how YOU feel.

Congressional Numbers
for the United States House of Representatives

150 Members of Congress are Catholic
72 are Baptist
65 are Methodist
49 are Presbyterian
41 are Episcopalian
37 are Jewish
29 have no religious denomination
15 are Mormon
7 are atheist
3 are openly gay
1 is a practicing Muslim

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Billy and Michelle said...

Great post Brother Joseph. Following politics is something I enjoy, but lately it has been so depressing listening to the conservative shows. I'm so glad this bill is dead!