Monday, July 30, 2007

The Great Compromise

In case you didn't know... or didn't care... one of the changes to my 'new' site has been the addition of 'The Dialogue Record.' This is an 'official' record of anything that I deem personally significant to me and my personality, outlook on life, opinions regarding the world around me, or the intended slant of my blog. Believe it or not- some people actually paid attention to this.

Some readers- not too many, but enough- have complained about certain 'views' and 'pics' no longer being easily viewed on the main page. Although I am not giving in to this lack of vision for the new look, I am allowing a compromise (which in itself should be officially record in the dialogue record) in hopes of making everyone a little happier.

As of Today, you can click on 'The Dialogue Record' link and it will take you to a listing of ALL records that are no longer viewed on the main page. This allows the record events to be placed in a unique category with special attention paid to each one. A particular entry will only be placed in this section after it can no longer be viewed on the main page.

So, if any of you actually do care… you may now reacquaint yourself with the Dialogue’s Official Record. Enjoy.


Lynn said...

Good thing you fixed it, wouldn't want you losing your "Charter Member" status in the Farley Fan Club. Not that I was the one who complained...:)

Tammy Bryant said...

You are funny and wonderful!

Keep it up Joseph, LOL!!!