Friday, April 06, 2007

The Witch on the Hill

Perhaps it is a good thing that Nancy Pelosi was elected as the first female speaker of the United States House of Representatives. I mean who else could have done a better job of showing the world just how unfit Hillary Clinton would be as President of the United States?

Let’s “present the facts to a candid world…”

If you have been keeping up with National news then you have already heard about Pelosi’s trip to Syria to talk with Bashar Assad. While trips by congressional officials are encouraged for the purpose of gathering information and insight, they are illegal if used to speak as having the authority of the United States government, as did Mrs. Pelosi.

Mr. Assad and his government have been denied conversations with the United States for some time due to an unwillingness to follow international policies, continued support of terrorist groups, and a lust for enriching uranium (i.e. nuclear weapons).

Assad’s government has not only admittedly recently assassinated leaders of Lebanon to thwart the nation’s fight for independence, but has also killed off leaders in Syria who happen to disagree with the current administration. There is a reason America is not talking to Assad; he and his thugs are bad men.

None of this really mattered to our newly elected Speaker of the House. She didn’t care what the Executive Branch (i.e. the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES) decided to do in regard to foreign policy. In her never ending quest for power, and total disregard for Article 2 Sections 1 & 2 of the U.S. Constitution, she scheduled herself a meeting with Mr. Assad anyway. In other words, she thought she knew better than the President and didn’t give a squat what he or the Constitution said.

In the words of the USA Today: “But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi crossed a line this week by visiting Syria… Like it or not (and we do not) President Bush’s policy has been to refuse to negotiate with Syria until it changes its’ behavior.”

Even liberal Newsmedia were astounded by the Speakers’ total lack of literacy as pertaining to her job description laid out in that annoying little document simply entitled ‘The Constitution of These United States.’

For those of us who are not from a privileged family, like so many of today’s ‘common blue-collar’ democrats, and actually did attend a public school where we studied the Constitution, the power to engage foreign countries is vested in the Executive Branch- not the Legislative, as Mrs. Pelosi might wish.

So dangerous was the notion that the various individuals who make up the Legislative Branch be allowed to engage other Nations without a voice of unity that the issue was taken up at length in the Federalist papers (i.e. #2, #3, as well #67-76).

Mrs. Pelosi has also apparently never heard of the Logan Act, which makes it a crime for elected individuals to speak on behalf of the United States unless they are granted permission by- you guessed it- the Executive Branch! But why care about history when you are so busy making your own?

Not only has Madame Speaker been cozying up to Syria but she has also been soliciting Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas. Her taste for bad boys seems to be only matched in her disdain for Israel as she can’t help but fawn over anyone who wishes to clear the map of Jews.

The only glimmer of joy in any of this is that Pelosi is doing more for the Republican Party than Rove ever could. The American people are getting a taste of a socialistic, power hungry, democrat who will step on anything and anyone to make her mark and fulfill her feminist agenda of self-exalted glory. We are glimpsing a world with President Hillary Clinton- and even democrats are reeling.

With all that being said- as of today I am an official member of the Nancy Pelosi fan club. I think Madame Speaker is building a wonderful case against electing our first female President. After all- anyone who makes Clinton look bad is a friend of mine!

Long live the Republic!

Pelosi and admited killer/terrorist funder Bashar Assad

Pelosi and Israeli enemy Mahmoud Abbas

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and this is why I just ask my son who do I need to vote for.