Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Dialogue Poll Results for 2006

I can not believe the end of the year is finally here. In some ways it has just raced by. In other ways it has seemed to crawl. Here is a list of the results of the Dialogue Poll voting. Enjoy!

What is your favorite Thanksgiving Day dish?
Turkey 9%
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy 13%
Green Beans & Other Veggies 9%
Pies 13%
Dressing 57%

23 Members Voted in this poll

Which monkey excuse would you be forced to use most of the time?
Sorry Sir, it was my monkey. 6%
Sorry Honey, it's my monkey's fault. 13%
Oops, there goes my monkey again! 6%
Well, what can I say- monkey problems. 63%
I took a monkey moment- my bad. 13%
26 Members Voted in this poll
In an argument between Joseph and Julie, who do you think would win?
Joseph (data unavaliable)
Julie (data unavaliable)
41 Julie fans Voted in this poll
What type of candy cane hangs on your tree?
Classic Peppermint 8%
Berry Canes 20%
LifeSavers 16%
Mint 0%
I hate candy canes- so non hang on my tree 48%
I found this reallly cool new type of can in a bargin 8%
bucket, it is called...
25 Members Voted in this poll
Christmas Cards- should be mailed, or passed out?
Chirstmas Cards should only be mailed. 59%
Postage is way too much- they should be passed out. 12%
I don't do the Christmas Card thing. 29%
17 Members Voted in this poll
Who is your favorite Reindeer?
Dasher 18%
Dancer 12%
Comet 12%
Cupid 29%
Donner 18%
Blitzen 12%
Prancer 0%
Vixen 0%
17 Members Voted in this poll
(1 Member grumbled about not being able to vote for Rudolph)
Who is Rudolph's (the red-nosed reindeer) Father?
Dasher 20%
Comet 23%
Donner 50%
Blitzen 7%
31 Members Voted in this poll
(Correct Response: Donner)


Anonymous said...

i still wanna know who won the joseph julie contest!
but im sure your to stubborn and wimpy to post it for everyone to see that she won!
ohhh got you now!

Joseph James said...

who is this kristopher ladd

Anonymous said...

this kristopher ladd is kris prince

Julie said...

I am a little suspicious about this "data unavailable" thing....:)