Monday, October 16, 2006

In the beginning...

It seems that everyone who is internet savvy has a blog. I am not sure I even know what a blog is? The incredibly fascinating wonder, Wikipedia, informed me that it was a cross between the words 'web' and 'log'. That seems simple enough. Then it goes on to talk about images, links to other blogs, multiple websites, videos, and audio. Yeah right! Like I am ever going to have the time to load all that stuff onto a blog site- let alone learn how. The one saving grace was the word 'textual.' I like that word. It sounds smart. And I am, after all, a smart guy.
Just saying it out loud causes me to feel the intellect surging within. I can picture the inside of my brain firing with all kinds of electricity. You know what I am talking about. Those magnified images of the inner working of our brains. Those little splaty looking things that are all interconnected to one another with electrical current moving across them. Like anyone has actually ever seen that really happening.
Reading the word on the screen makes me feel as if I am involved in some sort of grand thesis. Somehow it makes me feel as if I should be surrounded by all types of musty lore. Pages that actually make a noise when you flip them. Pages that talk to you. You get the sense that you are pouring through time into the past- filled with a scholarly sense of wisdom.
In a more Freudian aspect, the word is strikingly similar to sexual. Almost containing a dark mystery wrapped up in its syllables. Maybe that's why it seems like such fun to roll it around in your mouth. Perhaps I'll stay away from rolling 'sexual' around in my mouth... might not be the best idea.
The word is almost as much fun as saying the word 'tomorrow.' Have you ever stopped to say the word 'tomorrow'? Do you do that; take different words or phrases and repeat them over and over again in your mouth, experiencing how they work and how they feel? I do. It's like sucking on a Lifesaver. Putting the word in your mouth and tasting every part of it. Maybe that is what I will do with my blog. Experience it... over and over again... seeing how it works- how it feels.

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